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Prepare Your Students for The Real World

Our world today is one that is ever-changing and increasingly interconnected. To thrive in this new landscape, students have to be prepared for more than just exams- they need to be prepared for the real-world.

In this toolkit, we will cover how teachers can use FrogSchool to connect their classrooms to the real-world. FrogSchool provides free ready-to-use digital lessons for all school years from kindergarten to Form 5 (K-12). These lessons feature real-world topics and are designed to engage students in learning!

Creating a Culture of Student Leadership in your School

At PEMIMPIN GSL, we believe powerful leadership skills in students are crucial to improve student outcomes. A culture of ownership and collaboration inside and outside of the classroom allows students to take an active part in their development.

Some of the things this toolkit covers:
• Integrating leadership values into your student body
• Ways to make your ‘badan pengawas’ (Prefect body) more independent and effective

Join us in empowering your students with these techniques!

Student Empowerment and Leadership

Leadership is always viewed as students having certain responsibilities or position in the school. However, how would we view student leadership in the form of how students lead themselves in their learning and life through a growth mindset?In this toolkit, we are going to introduce you strategies to create a classroom environment that encourages a growth mindset.

Student Leadership Strategy Playbook

Students are experiencing impact from the pandemic themselves or witnessing the impact on their peers. In this toolkit, we are introducing ways for students to build awareness of their own emotions and empathy for others. With that awareness, students are empowered to turn those empathy and emotions into concrete action

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