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Leaps of Knowledge invites everyone to be a game changer in education, empowering resilient leaders who are able to reimagine what could be, and have the confidence to pursue that vision. Through a series of talks, workshops, conferences, and other events, featuring the world’s leading technologists, innovators, and shapers, we aim to inspire a sense of purpose and joy by changing hearts and shaping minds. We believe that with the right character, creative spirit, and drive for excellence, lifelong learners can thrive.

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Leaps of Knowledge: The HEART Series

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Recreation is a response to the needs of our time. It captures and represents these two fundamental motifs:

Recreation, as in creating - bringing something new into being. This means creating spaces for meaningful conversations, connections, and learning so that together, we can reimagine and build back better in education. It involves redesigning learning experiences and pushing the boundaries of what we know education to be.

Rècreation, as in leisure - in Greek, the word for school, scholé means leisure. Like in Ancient Greece, we believe pursuing education is to be at leisure. This is because education is not merely about preparing people to be productive in society. The goal for education is to seek truth and enjoy the process.

The HEART Series


Leaps of Knowledge: The HEART Series is a collection of five episodes featuring contextual topics in the themes of FrogAsia’s core values: H, E, A, R, and T respectively. The series tackles key questions in education against the backdrop of a world in the age of a global pandemic. It provides a home ground for every educator worldwide, as we explore diverse perspectives and spark conversations with people who believe they can make a difference.



This conference explored the HEART of education and inspired a sense of purpose and joy by changing hearts and shaping minds, featuring thought leaders like Puan Sri Sherina Aris, Swaroop Rawal, Nicholas Piachaud, Racheal Kwacz, Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Dzameer Dzulkifli and Red Hong Yi.

Power Up! Empowering Gamechangers in Education


Featuring thought leaders such as Kiran Bir Sethi and Cheryl Anne Fernando, this conference celebrated the collective efforts of the education community and focused on empowering educators to continue raising the bar in education by doing things differently.

Level Up! Raising the Bar in Education


This conference, featuring inspiring thought leaders like Shaheen Mistri and Datin Nawal Salleh, explored how the education community can work together to raise the bar by celebrating each other’s successes, learning from each other and collaborating on new ideas to better raise 21st century learners.

Creating Connections


This conference, featuring thought leaders from the Christensen Institute and the University of Birmingham like Thomas Arnett, Professor James Arthur and Dr Tom Harrison, explored how a community of educators, parents and partners in education can work together to cultivate and raise effective 21st century learners.

Your World ReimaginED


Listening to global changemakers such as Safeena Husain, John-Son Oei and d’Arcy Lunn, students were inspired to combat social issues through a conference that enabled them to understand and explore the United Nation’s Global Goals for sustainable development and develop ideas to make a difference for a sustainable tomorrow.

The Classroom ReimaginED


This conference, featuring thought leaders like Dr Cathy Davidson and Ken Wissoker, invited educators to reimagine education by exploring the variety of ways technology can be used creatively in teaching and learning in the classroom.

Leaps of Knowledge Oxford (with St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford)


The Summer School and conference ran together with professors from St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, inspired students and gave them a glimpse of learning at one of the top universities in the world.

Inspiring Changemakers in Education


This conference brought together big thinkers and changemakers, such as Dr Alice Wilder, Alistair Smith, Julia Immonen and Jaul Anak Bunyau to inspire and encourage educators and parents to think differently and to be at the forefront of change in education.

The Future of Learning


Our inaugural full-day conference featured a lineup of international thought leaders in the fields of education and technology including Prof Sugata Mitra, Gregory Bryant, Dato Seri Idris Jala, Lord Stewart Sutherland and Alvin Ung to discuss the future of learning.

An Evening with Nick Vujicic


Having overcome many challenges and living life to the fullest despite his limitations, Nick Vujicic was the first person to launch our Leaps of Knowledge series, and served as an inspiration for people to overcome challenges despite their circumstances in the journey of transforming education through technology.

Leaps of Knowledge: REcreation
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