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3 Tools to Develop Creative Thinking With Your Students

November 25, 2022

Shoes made from recycled plastic, apps that crowd-source live traffic updates, adhesive hooks that don’t damage walls… These are just a few examples of innovations that have improved the way we live. Many of these solutions are the result of creative thinking or ‘out-of-the-box thinking’...

5 Things to Look Forward to in the Recreation of Education

October 20, 2022

Leaps of Knowledge returned to the physical stage on October 8th, 2022 with the theme Recreation and a focus on purposeful partnerships. This collaboration between FrogAsia, Teach For Malaysia, Pemimpin GSL, YTL Foundation, and other partners, invited all in education to explore what a recreation...

How Alternative Assessments Benefit Teachers as Much as Students

September 29, 2022

Our pursuit of excellence began almost 2.6 million years ago, when we found a way to turn a piece of rock into a tool of trade. The desire to improve our craft in pursuit of a better life has never stopped. Today, technologists work on perfecting cutting-edge technology for a better world...

Effective Character Education: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Schools

September 22, 2022

Think about a time you faced a moral dilemma. How did you come to a decision? Did you put yourself in the shoes of someone involved? Or were you thinking about what a trusted mentor might do in your situation? Many of the skills used in decision-making like this, come from character education...

Play-based Learning: Why We Struggle to Implement it Beyond Pre-school

September 1, 2022

Critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence. These are just some of the competencies that employers look for when hiring, and they take time to develop over a person’s childhood through their adolescent years - often through play. For children, play-based learning (PBL) develops...

Raising Changemakers in Children, One Conversation at a Time

July 27, 2022

What makes lightning happen? Why are people’s eyes different colours? How come adults go to war but tell children not to fight? If you’ve ever spent time talking with children, you’d know they are naturally curious. It’s likely you've heard similar questions as well...

5 Fresh Perspectives from Leaps: Episode T

January 11, 2022

The origin of the word ‘school’ is Greek for ‘leisure’. Education is not merely about preparing people to be productive in society but also for seeking truth and enjoying the process of it. With this lens, school should be something to look forward to. A place to build good friendships...

"If only this was designed better"

November 17, 2021

When we encounter a problem, as simple as not being able to open a bottle cap of water, the first thing you might think is “If only this was designed better” or maybe “What can I use to make this easier?” You as the consumer of the product think about how the product could be better suited for...

Episode T

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