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We have a vision where every child has full access to 21st century education regardless of background or location. We believe in a world where students love learning and where technology removes boundaries.

Since 2012, we have been transforming traditional classrooms into 21st century spaces, where every child has the opportunity to be equipped with the knowledge, information and skills that will empower them to be creative communicators, collaborators, and changemakers in their own communities and across the globe.

At FrogAsia, everything we do is guided by who we are at HEART. 

About Heart

At FrogAsia, everything we do is guided by who we are at HEART. Our core values consist of:

Here To Make A Difference
Enjoy What You Do and Who You Do It With
Act With Integrity
Reach For Perfection
Think Ahead and Out Of The Box

Having these values to live by is so important because it remains at the core of who we are even in this radically changing world that we live in today.

Our Enablers

YTL Foundation

YTL Foundation was founded in 1997 on the belief that education is the basis on which every society progresses. Education moulds minds, inspires achievements and ultimately builds better societies and nations. By developing and improving education, YTL Foundation aims to empower individuals and communities to be catalysts of change.

Through the funding of programmes, providing thought leadership and by championing the use of technology, YTL Foundation is redefining the teaching and learning process. Backed by the YTL Group’s heritage of nation building, YTL Foundation hopes to continue building better societies through better education.

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YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, is a global frontrunner in 4G Internet and operates a robust “YES" 4G network in Malaysia with nationwide population coverage across the country being the 1st and only PURE 100% 4G Mobile Operator in Malaysia.

YES has been the first in Malaysia to offer voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service for high definition, crystal clear calls winning innovation awards for its services annually.


Frog Education

Frog believes that every child can be given a unique and personal education, and that this can be delivered by today’s teachers without increasing workload through the clever use of technology. Frog started out as enthusiastic tech people, building software that allowed non-technical teachers to create exciting learning resources to help them engage their students. We've become education experts, we've learned how to make a real impact on children's lives. For over 20 years our products have been changing the way that schools and teachers teach. We believe we can make a difference.

Key Partners

Teach For Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to empower our nation through education. We believe that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her circumstances in life. We recruit outstanding Malaysians into a 2-year Leadership Development Programme to make immediate impact in high need public schools across Malaysia.


Pemimpin GSL

PEMIMPIN GSL is an organisation focused on improving school leadership. PEMIMPIN GSL implements professional development programmes for school leaders to drive high-quality learning instructions and positive culture that leads to improved student learnings.

And our other Partners

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