Managing mental health by staying connected

December 9, 2020

As the world has gone through the better parts of 2020 at a social distance, we have come to realise the importance of staying connected with people, regardless of your background or location. 

It’s crucial during this time of uncertainty that we make sure we stay socially connected to increase, not only our mental and physical wellness, but also to help support our neighbors, communities, and loved ones’ wellness, too! 

While we spend time at home in self-isolation, it’s vital that we schedule in regular catch-ups online or on the phone. To counter the loss of comfort that comes from hugs and physical closeness, put time in your diary every day to speak to someone you care about.

We underestimate sometimes the comfort that phone contact can bring, you can still feel a sense of connection and closeness even if it’s not face-to-face.

The Internet has been a blessing during the pandemic and we’re lucky to be part of a generation where technology has given us plenty of online platforms for social interactions. Consider scheduling your regular social catch-ups – whether it’s book club, trivia night, family dinners, dance parties or just evening chats with friends, all via virtual means.

For people living alone, the thought of not being able to hug another person for an indefinite period may be daunting but it is important to remember this physical separation is temporary. Checking in with other people who may be feeling lonely, particularly the elderly, can be a good way to feel more connected and create a sense of community.

We may be physically apart but we need to stay socially and emotionally connected. 

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