One ordinary person can make a difference

December 17, 2020

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” to inspire and remind us how everyone has the power to make an impact.

Watch the video of teachers, students and parents sharing about their encounters with small, simple acts that have made a difference.

"The thing that I've learned the most this year, even in my parenting, is just to be gracious towards my children, and realise that on the surface, like my behavior might really be from something else going on related to deeper things going on this year. So just really being gracious to one another is an important thing." - Amy Blair, Parent

"I have many friends from abroad who are still staying in Japan. I imagine that they will be like feeling lonely because they don't have their friends and family with them and it's a foreign country. So I contacted them and also translated the official statements into English because it takes a long time to gather information in the mother tongue." - Yuka, Student

"At my school, we celebrate students’ birthdays by giving each birthday student a small tree. Every year, students get to plant a tree and they will label it with their names. On their birthdays. they learn that this tree may not benefit them right now, but maybe it will be beneficial in the future. It may one day provide shade and oxygen for the next generation, and the fruit will be enjoyed by the future generations too." - Eswaran Balakrishinan, Teacher

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